Going to the casino on a tight budget

You’ve probably heard the story of the man who lost it all on the casino tables more times than you would want. Your parents warn you to stay away, and your friends who have had no luck would advise you against going to the casino. But is it really the cause for your financial woes? If you think about it, shopping too much or spending way beyond your means is equally just as bad as squandering away your money at the casino. Take note that the operative word here is squander. Squandering away your money is the real problem; it’s just the fact of going to the casino that highlights it. If you are able to control yourself, the casino can be a very good friend to you – the best one even if you play your cards right, so to speak. So how do you make it ahead if you go to the casino on a tight budget? Easy, go in with a plan, and bet to win. Do not gamble. Bet your money on something that you’re absolutely sure about winning. Take for example the game of poker; you can eliminate gambling from the equation if you defeat your enemy even before the flop comes out. Going to casino doesn’t always have to end badly. You’re sure to have come across at least one friend in your years that heads into the casino with a hundred dollars, and come out with a thousand or even ten thousand. They did that by winning, not gambling.