4 Ways Casinos Will Get You To Spend More

4 Ways Casinos Will Get You To Spend More

Casinos tend to be business. For good reason too. Without a doubt, they can be pretty expensive to spend time in too.

Yes, each casino in Las Vegas has been said to make at least $630,000 a day. That’s a lot. Which begs the question: how do we end up spending so much money as gamblers then?

Here are 4 ways by which casinos get you to spend more money than you should:

1: Everyone Knows When Someone Wins

As soon as someone win, you can be sure that everyone will know about it. There will be sounds and flashing lights to make sure of this. Of course, they will remain until the casino staff come and confirm the win. Almost everyone will know this and which will make you think: if they can win, why can’t you?

2: Offer Free Perks

This happens mostly at the big Vegas casinos. Yes, we’re talking about free hotel rooms, food and other stuff that visitors are offered. Of course, it is their losses that are actually paying for all these complimentary items.

3: No Clocks in Casinos

What you will never find in a casino are clocks. They clearly hide the progression of time much like places in the outside world does. This is a common tactic that is used even in shopping malls as well.

4: The Use of Chips

Chips are a unique form of payment that is used only by casinos. You can sure that once cash is converted into this type of payment, players will spend all of it instead of going back and getting the remaining (or winning) amount cashed.