Warning against visiting Mexican Casinos

Warning against visiting Mexican Casinos

The US department of the state has warned citizens about travelling to Mexico for visits to casinos and betting venues. This is because a number of threats have been issued by organized criminal groups who are active in Mexico.

The warning by the State says that the number of US citizens murdered in the country has risen from 100 in 2014 to 103 in 2015. The casualties are due to gun fire that occurs between criminal organizations and Mexican authorities, where Americans have gotten caught in the crossfire. Most of the incidents have taken place in broad daylight, in clubs and restaurants.

The US department has highlighted casinos and gambling venues due to safety concerns. However, following an identical statement issued by the state in 2014, the Mexican Gaming Association’s President stated that, the safety of foreigners was guaranteed, since a number of safety measures have been put into please after the attack at the Casino Royale in 2011.

Measures included, prohibiting firearms and sharp objects in venues. Venues have also been informed that they have to place shields on their doors to prevent bombs being thrown into venues from outside.

The Governor of Aguascalientes stated that the alert was unnecessary. Since the warning could reduce US visitors to gaming venues where a license has been given for temporary casinos to operate within a 3 week period.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce states that the state department has created their report with insufficient information and that there are no betting shops or casinos in Coahuila for the last 3 years.