Tips to Optimize Your Online Poker Game

Tips to Optimize Your Online Poker Game

If you are used to playing poker in real life, the transition to online poker might be difficult. These tips below might come handy to get used to online poker and to consistently improve your game and ultimately win.

  1. Start by playing low-stakes poker and on a single table

Even if you are used to playing high-stakes when it comes to cash games, you might consider starting low online. The first sessions would be determinant in helping you familiarize yourself with the online poker environment. If you are a novice, starting out your games lower stakes would allow you to play with a smaller amount. This would ward off any unnecessary stress about losing and enable you to focus on your long term goal of becoming successful online. Normally compared to live stakes, online stakes would tend to constitute of more difficult opponents for the same stake amount. A player starting at the same stake than what he used to play live might feel overwhelmed by tough competition when going online. The gradual progression is therefore important.

Similarly, even if you are used to multi-tabling live, you might start by playing single tables online and then gradually go for multiple tables when you feel confident enough about it.

  1. Become familiar with aspects such as the time bank

Online poker has some unique aspects that you will not find in live games. For instance the time-bank gives you a set amount of time to act before being in danger of having the clock called. Other factors of online gaming that novice players might take into consideration are the betting features, rake-back offers and the general layout and lobby of the site.