Las Vegas’ “The Riv” is Closing Down

Las Vegas’ “The Riv” is Closing Down

After 60 years, Last Vegas’ popular The Rivera closed it’s doors. Few properties have been able to reach that age in the surrounding. A lot of people came to pay their last visit before the establishment closes it’s doors.

In recent years, the casino had lost a lot of its appeal. It had to lower its prices to attract new customers. It became known for the place serving cheap drinks and blackjacks. Even the decor had faded, and the 60 years of the building was getting visible.

“The Riv”, as it is called, used to be the prime spot on Las Vegas Strip. It was one of the first casinos to open there, and it stayed in business for a long time. It was known to be the place where celebrities would go.

It is often associated with Frank Sinatra, but other celebrities were frequent visitors such as Dolly Parton and Liberace.

It was also a Hollywood favorite for movie makers. “Casino” was shot there. That says alot about the influence of the place. More recently, it was featured in “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Hangover”.

Even if The Rivera marked the minds of a lot of tourists and passers by, it was not making any profits since 2011 and it’s days were counted.

The building is expected to be torn down. The cost of rebuilding being too high. It has also been confirmed that the furnitures will be auctioned. These are sure to go for good value, considering their historical baggage.