4 Tips to Beat Casino Tactics

It’s quite clear that there are a few tricks that casinos play on their visitors. Of course, if you’ve been working in the casino industry, there are a number of them that you would be familiar with.

Also, it’s best to prepare yourself to deal with these tricks when you visit and which will help you keep your money in your pocket.

Here are 4 tips to beat casino tactics:

 gamezebra11: Don’t Drink

Casinos will offer you free drinks since they have this tendency of impairing your better judgement. Even if the waitress might tempt you, you can always say “No thanks”. If they’re being persistent, decline by saying that you’re the designated driver.

2: Know When To Quit

Well, sometimes quitting while you’re ahead can make you a winner. An excellent way to do this is by quitting if you make double the amount you brought in with you. This can easily take place given that small wins, just like small losses, can easily add up.

3: Know the Odds

A lot of people that they have that ‘edge’ over the house. Nothing can be further from the truth, actually. Since that the casinos have been doing this for much longer than you have, you can be sure that the odds are definitely in their favor. You might win in the short-term but it isn’t going to last. Be clear about this before!

4: Keep track of your cash

While this might seem obvious, it’s very important to keep track of your win-loss ratio. In other words, you should also be aware of how much you’ve spent and how much you have won too. Of course, you might start dropping five dollars bills into the slot machines without even realising it.