3 Thing To Do After A Fold Or When No Longer In A Hand

3 Thing To Do After A Fold Or When No Longer In A Hand

Whether you are playing live or online, often when you have folded and are no longer in the game, you start to notice the mistakes and bluffs that you might not have noticed have you still been in the game. Being out of a game could be a good opportunity to observe people around you and to device some strategies for future games.

1. Identify the Biggest Loser

Some players might be building up pots only to lose them some minutes later into the game. It might be very informative for the future game to determine who is the biggest loser and why they keep losing. It might be because of a limp fold or other might call just before a flop or fold when bets are keeping on rising.

2. Identify the Biggest Winner

There would obviously be a lot to learn from the biggest winner. Watching that person might help you determine some tips and ways to emulate that person’s gaming style. Once you have cracked the biggest winner’s style, you might even be able to beat him at his own game.

3. Look for Tells During the Hand

Try to determine a pattern and look for habits whether physical or verbal that would give away the strategy of the player. If a player is bluffing for examples, you might want to look at his composure and what he said while betting. Chances are that he would adopt the same attitude everytime he is bluffing. This might be crucial in helping you win the next hand.