3 Reasons Why Casinos Prefer Chips Over Cash

3 Reasons Why Casinos Prefer Chips Over Cash

No matter which casino you step into, you’ll always find chips being used instead of cold, hard cash.

Strangely enough, it might make more sense to use cash. There would be no need to cash in or out. Nor would one have to hire cashiers just to exchange chips for money either.

Yet it’s more than tradition. Here are 3 reasons why casinos prefer chips over cash:

 gamezebra11: Data

This pertains specifically to RFID chips. While not all casinos have gone this way, they will soon use these type of chips. The reason: you can collect vast amounts of data with these chips. Some of the things that these chips can track include how these chips move to around the casino, catch player who attempt to sneak in extra chips after betting has closed and even dealer mistakes when they occur. In the future, they can even track how skillful players really are.

2: Psychology

One thing that chips really do is free gamblers to take on more risks. Even though it represents money, it still feels just like chips. In other words, using chips is an easier to separate a gambler from his valuable money. So while throwing a purple chip might mean nothing to a gambler, it still is a lot of money and it is gone.

3: Convenience

One clear reason why chips are preferred is because it is convenient. In a fast moving or a high-stakes game, it will be difficult to find dollar bills for every bet. Not only does money get bent but it doesn’t stack up easily. Apart from this, it not only takes up space but it also is hard to track. In other words, chips make playing casino games a whole lot easier.