3 Casino Games That You Must Avoid

3 Casino Games That You Must Avoid

When visiting a casino, the options of playing games virtually run into the hundreds. It’s very easy to make a mistake and start playing one that offers a big edge the casino.

Here are 3 casino games that you must avoid:

 1: Keno

This is possible the worst game that you can play at a casino. In terms of an edge, it offers almost 20%-30% to a casino. Simply put, for every $100, you stand to lose at $20. This is how bad your chances are of winning when playing this game.

2: Double Zero Roulette

Also known as American roulette, this game has wheels with a single and double zero too and with a house edge of 5.2%. While you might not think that this is a game to avoid, you will when you compare it to European roulette. Since the latter has wheels for a single zero space, the house edge drops to 2.7%. This is easily half of its American counterpart.


3: Slot Machines

A number of users will be surprised to find slot machines on this list. This is because they offer some of the worst percentages to casino players. Of course, when you can play hundreds of spins per hour with a high edge for the house that just makes it worse. Unfortunately, the house range varies from machine to machine from a couple of percent to higher than 15%. You can’t even tell which machine offers a lower or higher house edge either.